Finn and Gil

Finn is a fifteen year-old, sexually confused, fashion forward student trapped in the Darwinian halls of public high school. It’s not until he sees the school’s show choir and its star, Gil perform does he realize where his interests lie and which side of the bread he prefers to butter. But admitting his sexuality and finding his niche is just the beginning.

He quickly learns that gay boys in the choir are marked for termination amongst the male student population. Not even his “best friend”, Kevin will acknowledge him. But befriending an over-the-top, quick-witted fellow fancy boy, Frankie teaches Finn he can fight back against the bullies, his so-called friends, even his seemingly oblivious parents. But can he do all that and still have time to solve the mystery of Gil’s sexuality?

Set to the music of inspiring divas, Finn realizes through a series of sexual innuendo, black eyes and an obsession with Zac Efron that he can only be who he is and everyone else just has to deal. Gay is the new straight!


I Pledge Allegiance to the Rainbow Flag

In an alter reality where heterosexuality is the minority and considered a sin against Madonna’s law, one boy struggles with the growing feelings he has for a new female student at school. Unable to confide in his friends or his dads, he searches for meaning and acceptance in a world where you’re either a top or a bottom and the idea of men and women together is enough to make most people gag.

Filled with campy and irreverent views of what it means to be straight and gay, Upside Down challenges the question: If the roles were reversed could straight people handle walking a mile in our shoes?


Pink Elephants

Every family has secrets. We try to hold them in, telling ourselves that it’s better for everyone if they just go away. But they never do. They grow and grow into the proverbial white elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about, but everyone is aware of.

For one family, their elephants are a shade of pink and, like a parade at the circus, they are all intertwined, nose to tail. But when one secret is revealed, it breaks the cycle and sets into motion a series of events that forces all their elephants into the open and challenges them to tell the truth…about everything.


Boner’s High School Reunion

After an unfortuante arousal malfunction in the boys locker room, Ryan “Boner” Baxter spent four years in high school fighting off bullies and dreaming of getting out. But it’s ten years later and he still can’t escape the memories of his home town, especially the love he had for the boy who taunted him the most: Jeff Hamilton.

At the insistence of his long time best friend and roommate, Ryan reluctantly decides to travel home for his ten year high school reunion to face his past so he can proceed with his future.

Boner’s High School Reunion was selected as the winner of the 2010 One in Ten Screenply contest and as a semi-finalist in the 2010 Great Gay Screenplay contest sponsored by Pride Films and Plays.


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