Better for Us. Worse for Them. Update

October 20, 2010

So, I was slipping into my lavendar shirt this morning (purple is the new “Stop the bullying” color. They even have a ribbon now) when a new flood of bullying memories came back to me like a bad acid flashback.

My freshman year of high school, despite everything Jeff, Lanny and Nathan were putting me through, I did have one good friend. His name was Kevin. We met in health class and became quick friends. We’d have sleep  overs where we’d cook macaroni and cheese, stay up late watching old movies from the 40’s and playing Super Mario Brothers. He was a lot of fun and I thought I’d made a really good friend.

That was, until our sophomore year.

The first day of school that year I saw Kevin sitting at a table with some other mutual friends during lunch. Naturally, I went over, slipped into the only empty seat and started talking away about my last few weeks of summer and how my mom wouldn’t let me buy this pair of amazing Guess jeans as part of my back to school wardrobe.

As I was ranting on, I couldn’t help but notice that Kevin wasn’t paying any attention to me. He just stared forward, not saying anything. I was in the middle of a really funny story about the Gap when someone kicked the back of my seat and said “You’re in my seat, douche.” I looked at Kevin and he looked away. I got up, walked away and just before they were out of ear shot I heard Kevin say “I’m not friends with that fagot.”

That was the last time I talked to Kevin. We spent the rest of high school passing one another in the hallway, him ignorning me and me always wondering what I did wrong.

I looked him up on Facebook just before I wrote this and, although I couldn’t get to his whole profile, I was able to view his main picture. He looks pretty much the same, except that he has an embarassingly receeded hairline. I’ll take that as his apology.


3 Responses to “Better for Us. Worse for Them. Update”

  1. […] anatomy. The last antic landed me a friendship with a boy named Kevin (for more about Kevin read “Better For Us. Worse For Them. Update”). For most of that year, Kevin and I were together all the time. We spent hours playing Nintendo […]

  2. Kevin Says:

    “I’ll take that as his apology.”

    No, please take this as my apology, Michael. There’s no excuse for this behavior, and it(as with many things I did in high school) is repugnant to me. I wish I could undo, or at least redo, much of what I’ve done. I’m truly sorry for having hurt you, and for my homophobia. I know that an apology years later cannot undo what I’ve done and that I don’t deserve your forgiveness. But I wanted you to know that I’m extremely sorry and that many of us are, fortunately, not the same people we were in high school. I wish I’d been a better person, and a better friend. You deserved it.

    • mnkey75 Says:

      Don’t sweat it. I think all us yellow jackets would do things differently if we could go back to MVHS.

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