Laura Bush is the Worst American

June 2, 2010

Although she recently came out in support of gay marriage, a good friend of mine recently suggested that former first lady, Laura Bush be added to my list of possible worse Americans.


Because, more than anyone else, she could have derailed George W Bush from running for president. She could have sat him down and calmly told him that he was a moron, incapable of leading the free world. She could have slipped him some illegal drugs in his coffer and reported him to the DEA. Or she could have run a red light in her car and killed him, just like she did to that guy when she was a teenager.

However she would have chosen to do it, she could have single-handedly spared this country from two unpopular wars, the worst economic crisis since The Great Depression and eight years of really, really, really bad American politics.

Knowing this, I’d like to hear from you. Of Laura Bush, Dick Cheney or Sarah Palin, who is the worst American?


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