Unusually High Butt Cracks

April 19, 2010

My bf and I have a friend that is gorgeous. And not just run-of-the-mill average gorgeous like Julia Roberts, or slutty gorgeous like Denise Richards or even exotic gorgeous like Catherine Zeta Jones. She’s gorgeous gorgeous. Imagine if Angelina Jolie, Sienna Miller, Tyra Banks, George Clooney, Zac Efron and Johhny Depp all got together and created one perfect looking child…that would be Jen.

But for all her beauty, poor Jen is still single. One night, after an evening of heavy drinking I asked her how someone with her face and body combo could not have a Brad Pitt inspired boyfriend on her arm and in her bed. “It’s too embarrassing.” she said and gulped down the last of her dirty martini. I ordered her another and by the end of that one she was ready to talk.

“I have an unusually high butt crack,” she confessed with the shame of an over-eater at a Weight Watchers meeting. I chocked on my cocktail. I thought she was going to give me some canned explanation like her hips were too big or guys are assholes. A high butt crack was a new one for me.

The rest of the night she explained how her abnormality had crippled her in the fight to bag a man. When all the other girls were flaunting their anorexic-induced, emaciated bodies under rubber band sized bikinis, Jen had to cover up her dairy-aire with a one piece suit, so as to not moon the other sunbathers. And when all her friends were flashing their tramp stamps (a tattoo on the small of a slutty girl’s back) poor Jen had to cover up, in fear that her Celtic inspired sun tattoo would look less like an homage to the goddess of light and more like a quarter being inserted into the slot of a video game machine.

It was three years ago that Jen confided in me about her Quasimodo backside and for three years I thought it was the one thing that would keep her from the American dream. That was, until this past weekend.

There’s a great neighborhood restaurant across the block from our house that my bf and I frequent. It has good food, large martinis and a broad swatch of customers. But after the housing market shit the bed and the “f” word (furlough) started being heard around my office, we cut back on our entertainment budget and now only go out for special occasions, like celebrating my bf’s latest promotion.

We walked into the restaurant and noticed that something had changed. The food still looked good and everyone at the bar was sipping on oversized martinis, but the diverse clientele seemed to have been replaced with pod people from the suburbs. Instead of a varied group of diners sitting around, talking politics, the tables were full of blonde girls all wearing the same outfit and men with gelled hair debating their thoughts on the most recent episode of “Top Chef”.

I ignored my first response to run away and we decided to stay. We were seated next to a table of identical Stepford twenty-something twits celebrating someone’s birthday. At least, I assume it was a birthday celebration. There was a cake, presents and lots of picture taking. (For my thoughts on picture taking at restaurants see “Restaurants and Photography“)

Throughout my meal I couldn’t help but notice the table of birthday girls all standing up at different times and adjusting their pants. At first I figured it was some sort of hetero mating ritual, but then it saw it. All the girls whose backside were facing me suffered from the same high butt crack affliction as my dear friend, Jen. I was about to whip out my phone and text her to say she wasn’t alone in her struggle when I noticed that I could see the top of every female’s butt crack within eye shot. And systematically, as if on a timer, they would all either stand up or wiggle around in their seats to adjust the top of their pants to just above their butt crack equators.

After throwing up in my mouth a little, it hit me: Jen and these girls didn’t suffer from high butt crack syndrome, they all just wore ill-fitting clothes.

My advice to Jen and all the other girls out there who buy pants, not to suit their body types, but instead to suit their desire to look like Heidi Klum:

Stop. You look ridiculous. Instead of channeling your inner super model, you look more like a plumber.

My advice to everyone else:

The next time you see a poor girl in ill-fitting pants below the line of demarcation, take whatever loose change you have in your pocket and aim a foul shot for the top of their butt crack. Maybe that will teach her the importance of form follows function when it comes to her clothing.


28 Responses to “Unusually High Butt Cracks”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    so freakin’ hilarious! i love this. very well written and i can actually hear you saying all of this!! thanks for the laugh:)

  2. Susan Says:

    The high incidence of butt cracks is directly related to the demise of the midrise jean. This mythical pant – that fits right under the belly button, not the top of your crotch like lowrise and not under your boobs like mom jeans – is believed to have gone extinct in 2005. I stockpiled the last pairs Calvin Klein ever made and kept my discontinued Banana Republic Harrison pants in a fireproof safe. But eventually even I became a pants-tugging victim of the industry.

    Therefore, my advice to Michael and his skinny butt is to be kind and offer these poor women a longer shirt.

  3. mom Says:

    I still wear the mom jeans, 3 inches under the you know what’s. I can still find them at the salvation army for 2 dollars.And I look fab at 57.

  4. I was looking up Jay Brannan on Google, and fell across your ode to all things Jay. Then, I found this post. My husband and I were holding onto our stomachs and trying not to wake the kid… we were laughing that hard.

    You have won another follower with your snarkastic sense of humour.

  5. TomPier Says:

    great post as usual!

  6. meagen Says:

    Gotta tell you, this has NOTHING to do with the lower cut of womens jeans. Even when there were mid rise jeans, no matter what pants, shorts even bathing suit bottoms worn…butt crack always seems to show…I have a twin sister, and a brother, we all have bubble butts (polish butt) and are all afflicted with this…it seems like most white girls (whom tend to have no asses..along with the very tiny butt cracks) dont suffer as much..but the white girls or any girls that have more butts have higher cracks..I wonder what the stats are…but..ya ours go 1/2 way up our backs

  7. janet Says:

    My husband has an unusually high butt crack and unfortunately his crack always shows, even though he’s tried many different ways of fixing (all have failed). So, yes, it is a real thing – there are men and women out there who have high butt cracks and their butts often show beyond their control.

  8. john Says:

    Eurgh a high buttcrack is the bane of my life. i am 6’6 and alot of tops/shirts come up short on me which means it is on show frequently!

  9. Rena Says:

    its true, trust me. I honestly have been to every store in the mall and tried on every pair of jeans, no matter what color or what the fit is. I don’t care about fashion, I just want pants that fit at this point. It’s impossible.

  10. kenny Says:

    belts wold be nice too lol

  11. Memy Says:

    Look up SACRAL DIMPLE. It’s an indentation above the normal butt crack. It’s genetic and can be dangerous if it is open at birth.

  12. KW Says:

    I think you should be criticizing the fashion industry, not the people they target. So many pants out there are either too low cut for your “advice” to actually work and the ones that aren’t usually aren’t are usually maternity pants and/or tend to be unflattering. It’s hard to find ones that aren’t incredibly ugly.

  13. Jen Says:

    My husband has high butt crack syndrome – you can always see his crack, no matter what pants he wears. It’s a real affliction!

  14. bo Says:

    wats her name I love buttcrack girls the seem much nicer and stand by you better not sure why though
    plus those gals cracks are just so dam cute

  15. aj Says:

    Your comments on the situation are priceless. You are the unrelentless pain women feel everyday. Be proud of yourself, applause to you love. You have done great at making women that already have an insecurity with something feel even more secure in that insecurity! Its quite comical like everyone has mentioned. I agree, it is very comical your in-ability to see that not everyone is the exact shape for jeans, shorts, skirts, jumpers, or dresses for that matter that they come in. Some women have to special order jeans, shorts, skirts etc. Thats expensive… not everyone can afford it. Im sure you understand that… having to special order smaller size… hmmm, im getting off track… so in short (ha) maybe that woman whos crack is showing, shes either spending her money on her children, actually has a long butt crack, cant afford special fit jeans, or maybe she doesnt have a reason or they are the only jeans she has… Maybe when you see this “poor girl” and take whatever loose change you have, and aim a “foul shot” for the top of her butt crack, its not going to teach that “poor girl” a lesson, its going to teach your sorry ass a lesson. Good luck with your theory though.

  16. Lucasred Says:

    I may just be a tacky individual, but to me there’s nothing hotter than a well rounded female backside showing a little cleavage.

  17. SWOPEDOG Says:

    To the person who went on and on and (wrote this) on and on and on… You totally came off pathetic. I can only imagine what a perfectly awesome someone like you must you look like, especially when you are SOOO confident in yourself that you find no problem in totally TRASHING your “beautiful friend”.
    So to recap: your smok’n hot friend can’t get married like the rest of her less attractive friends cause her ass crack hangs out like a group of ugly 20-something stepford wives. God your so right… gorgeous gorgeous 20’somethings are so yucky.
    Oh… By the way, if you ask your hubby if he spanks it to your fiends “ridiculous butt crack jeans” , or the 20’somethings and he says no…. You’ve just been lied to or you married a gay man ✌🏼️

    • mnkey75 Says:

      I did marry a gay guy…duh.
      And some unsolicited advice for you…it’s ‘you’re’ not ‘your’.

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